Aerial view of the 0.26 mile Arches Visitor Center Connector Trail taken from the Moab Fault Overlook along the park scenic drive.

Arches Visitor Center Connector Trail

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The National Park Service (NPS) has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) to analyze the effects of allowing bicycle use on the newly constructed Arches Visitor Center Connector Trail. The purpose for taking action is to allow park visitors, park employees, and town residents to safely access the Arches visitor center by bicycle from the existing bicycle and pedestrian path (Moab Canyon Pathway) outside the park. Action is needed at this time because currently, people entering Arches National Park on a bicycle must use the Arches park entrance road to access the visitor center and scenic drive. This creates safety issues for vehicles and bicycles, and marginally increased queuing times at the entrance station.

The Visitor Center Connector Trail was built in accordance with national guidelines for shared use paths; therefore, the trail surface and underlying soil conditions are suitable for accommodating bicycle use. No bike-specific maintenance, rehabilitation or armoring would be necessary to upgrade the trail to sustainable condition.

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