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Air Tour Management Plan - Mount Rushmore National Memorial

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The National Park Service (NPS) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have completed an air tour management plan (ATMP) for Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The plan will require air tour operators to conduct all air tours beyond one-half mile from the park boundary or stay at least 5,000 feet above ground level when over the park. These measures are designed to protect the park's natural and cultural resources, Tribal sacred sites and ceremonial areas, and visitor experience, within the ATMP boundary. The plan's operating parameters will be effective within 180 days from the date of signature.

The newly completed plan was developed in cooperation with stakeholders representing a variety of interests, including Tribal Nations, other land management agencies, the public, and recreation groups. The plan addresses and responds to concerns identified during these consultations and through public comment.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the parks in the National Park System for which the agencies are developing an air tour management plan or voluntary agreement. Each air tour management plan is developed to manage commercial air tours in a way that is consistent with the NPS's mission, the individual park's purposes, and the FAA's authority with respect to aviation safety.

The plan meets the requirements from the National Parks Air Tour Management Act to reduce or prevent significant adverse impacts from commercial air tours on the park and meets NPS's obligation to protect the park's natural and cultural resources, wildlife, and provide for the enjoyment of visitors.

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