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Reinstall taller fence around Equipment storage area and add temporary covering near top

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A 48 1/2' x 28' fenced and gated equipment storage yard in the northeast corner of the park just outside the historic zone, is in need of a taller fence and tarp covering over about half of it to better camouflage and protect the modern equipment stored there. This would protect the equipment from weather, and preserve the view shed of the backyard of the Lincoln Home. It will also be a deterrent to theft and vandalism. A new 8' tall wood board fence would be installed around the yard with the current double chain link gate reinstalled on west side to access equipment. Currently the fence is 6' tall and there is no covering. A tarp would be attached with eye hooks to the inside of the fence a few inches down from the top of the fence to provide covering without being too distracting.

The yard is in a relatively isolated area of the park and street lights are somewhat blocked by other buildings and trees, making it an easier target for break ins. The yard can be seen from the back porch of the Lincoln Home, making it necessary to block the view of modern equipment using solid board fences. The fences will match board fences used throughout the site and will visible blend in with the landscape as seen from the historic zone. The chain link gate will be reused because it cannot be seen from the historic zone.

The use of an 8' tall fence is permissible around equipment areas by Springfield City Ordinance.

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Jason Taylor, 217-391-3235