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Replace HVAC System and Controls For Visitor Center

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This project consists of replacing the HVAC and control system in the Lincoln Home Visitor Center. The current HVAC system is old and inefficient. The chiller is seventeen+ years old and has reached the end of its life-cycle. Constant repairs are being made to the chiller and condenser, as well as the pumps. The air handlers and evaporator coils are the original units that were installed in the 1970's. The current coils are deteriorating. The controls, mixing valves and dampers are all pneumatic with numerous leaks, causing the air compressor to run more frequently than designed. The old system will be removed and replaced with a completely new system including: a new 40 ton high efficiency chiller and condensing unit, three steam humidifiers, three dehumidifiers, two 5600 cfm air handlers, evaporator coils, four 1hp pumps, and 300 ft. of new copper piping. The existing boiler is new and will not be replaced. We will then add a digital control system so it can be connected and controlled by the parks existing HVAC computer control network.Emergency Update: In April of 2017 one of the coils and the piping to coil in Theater 2 failed. The failed piping created a leak in theater 2, damaging a large area of ceiling tiles. It has also left Theater 2 with no heating or air as we approach the summer months. All remaining coils and piping are showing signs of failing as well, and it is only a matter of time before we lose everything and have no heating/air in the entire Visitor Center. The coils and piping are far beyond their normal life cycle. It is imperative that this project be funded in 2018 to prevent further damage to the interior of this structure, and to keep heating and air on in the Visitor Center for visitors and employees.

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