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Windigo Developed Area Concept Plan (DCP)

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The National Park Service (NPS) is preparing a Development Concept Plan (DCP/EA) and Environmental Assessment for the Windigo developed area to plan and implement a program of upgraded and new facilities that will improve visitor experience at Isle Royale National Park (Isle Royale). This DCP/EA assesses the potential effects of the proposed facility upgrades, relocations, and replacements.

The underlying purpose of the proposed action is to enhance visitor experience by improving facilities (through modification, replacement, or development of new facilities), improving accessibility, improving interpretative exhibits and areas, and creating a sense of arrival at Isle Royale through a unified architectural theme.

The development of the DCP/EA is necessary to improve facilities that are in poor physical condition, to provide universal access, and to improve the visitors' arrival experience. A recent increase in visitors is stressing the capacity of the existing visitor facilities. Visitors to Isle Royale have increased by approximately 50 percent over the last 3 years. Although there is a sense of remoteness upon arrival at Windigo (approximately 80 percent of the area viewshed is wilderness), there is not a sense of orientation that a visitor has arrived at a national park.

The DCP/EA is available for public review through August 20, 2018. To access the document for review, click on Open for Comment under PROJECT LINKS on the left hand menu.

For more information, contact Isle Royale National Park at 906-482-0984.

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