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CERCLA Response to Remove Lead-Contaminated Soil Around the Potable Water Tank

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The National Park Service (NPS), in coordination with Environmental Cost Management, Inc. (ECM), issued public notice of an environmental remediation effort being considered near the potable water tank at Devils Postpile National Monument (DEPO) in Madera County, California. The public review and comment period was from August 13 through September 16, 2013. In addition, the public was invited to review the draft Engineering Evaluation/ Cost Analysis (EE/CA) Report from February 14 through March 16, 2014. On June 24, 2014, the Action Memorandum was signed by the National Park Service's Pacific West Regional Director, approving implementation of the non-time critical removal action near the potable water tank. Work is expected to begin and be completed in 2015.

As a result of historic maintenance activities at the potable water tank, the potential exists for residual impacts from lead paint to soils immediately surrounding the water tank. The NPS assessed this site in accordance with the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). The CERCLA process, established by Congress in 1986, has a key community outreach component, to ensure that citizens living or working near CERCLA sites are given the opportunity to influence decisions affecting their community.

Preliminary environmental work occurred during summer 2013 and involved sampling potentially lead-impacted surface soils within 25 feet of the monument's potable water storage tank to determine appropriate response activities for this site. An EE/CA Report was prepared and supports a non-time critical removal action. The EE/CA Report recommended alternative 4 - removal of lead impacted surface soils and off-site disposal.

To obtain supplemental information, including the EE/CA Report and documents comprising the administrative record file, please see the documents available under 'Document List.'

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