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Devils Postpile National Monument Proposes Campground Fee Increase

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The monuments 20 site campground is projected to open on June 12. As a result of the monuments General Management Plan, several alternatives were explored including closing the campground and implementing improvements to the quality of the experience and protection of resources. The preferred alternative selected on January 26, 2015 states:

The monument will maintain an overnight campground in the valley while redesigning a portion of the campground and day use area to improve riverfront access for all visitors. The campsites in Loop B, immediately adjacent to the river, will be removed. Loop B will be redesigned to accommodate walk-in users only. Separation between car camping, day use, and walk-in camping will be achieved through additional site planning.

The monument will continue to make improvements to the camping experience in Loop A through adjustments to site design, better site delineation, and continued vegetation restoration where feasible.
Day use opportunities along the riverfront will be improved. The campground redesign will provide clear delineation of specific river access points to better protect riparian areas and manage visitor access to and use of the riverfront.

The monument began phased implementation of the GMP decision in the 2015 field season to improve riverbank condition, access for day users, and improve quality of the camping experience including:

The B loop is designated as only for walk-ins, tents, and car camping with vehicles that do not exceed a combined vehicle length of 20 feet. Generators are not permitted in the B loop at any time.

The A loop is designated for walk-ins, tents, car camping, and small to mid-size recreational vehicles. This will improve the safety of campers and drivers, as there are tight turns in the loops narrow dirt road that have resulted in vehicles jackknifing around corners and extensive reversing to realign with roadway.

There are only 6 sites that can safely accommodate a recreational vehicle of a combined length of 30 feet. The accessible campsite can accommodate a combined length of 37 feet, and those with accessible needs will always have priority for this site. After sunset, other campers may occupy the site for one night only. When vehicles are too large for available sites they will not be able to access the campground. Only a limited number of sizes can accommodate large vehicles. These spaces are available on a first come basis. Campsite availability, including the number of sites available that can accommodate vehicles between 20-30 feet, will be updated at Minaret Vista Station. Check out time is 12:00 noon, local time, on the day the permit expires, and the campground use is exclusively for campers. Holders of the America the Beautiful Senior and Access (permanent disability) Passes receive a 50% discount.

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