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CERCLA Hawk Hill, Hazardous Materials Management in Soil, Marin Headlands

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This is a September 15, 2021 update to the earlier notice posted on September 14, 2020, regarding the federal process to select a plan for the cleanup of hazardous materials and soil contamination at the Hawk Hill Nike Radar Site. The site is located within five miles of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Presidio, Sausalito, and Fort Baker. It is easily accessed from Conzelman Road in the Marin Headlands, a former military road overlooking the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It is accessible via car, bicycle, or on foot, and attracts millions of visitors annually from the San Francisco Bay area, nationally, and from around the world.

As required by the federal Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), the National Park Service (NPS) is pleased to announce the completion and public availability of its Draft Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA), Administrative Record (AR) associated with the project, and the Community Involvement Plan (CIP) for cleaning up hazardous materials at the Hawk Hill Nike Radar Site. The NPS invites public comment over a 30-day comment period for the proposed plan to address environmental contamination at the former military site in order to protect site workers and visitors and provide protection for unique habitat which supports a wide array of wildlife, including the endangered Mission blue butterfly.

A comprehensive and updated AR is available by clicking on the "Documents List" link in the menu on the left side of this page. The AR includes the Hazardous Materials Assessment Report, a Site Management Plan, and other documents, memos and letters associated with the project planning process the NPS has used in making its decision for the selected response action. The CIP is also available by clicking on the same link. In compliance with the CERCLA program, the CIP serves as a public reference to describe the CERCLA process and activities that NPS plans to undertake with community involvement.

Public Comment Period: The 30-day public comment period begins September 15, 2021, and closes October 15, 2021. Please send comments on the Draft EE/CA by clicking on the Open for Comment link to the left or via letter to:

Laura E. Joss, General Superintendent
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
201 Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123
Attn: Hawk Hill Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis

The Draft EE/CA, AR and CIP are also available at the Sausalito Public Library, 420 Litho Street, Sausalito, CA

Once the 30-day comment period is over, NPS will update the AR to include comments submitted by interested persons and NPS responses to all substantive comments. An EE/CA Action Memorandum, summarizing the final report and selected alternative will be prepared by the Contractor for NPS review and signature within sixty (60) days after the public comment period ends. The EE/CA Action Memorandum will then be made available to the public as a community update per the Community Involvement Plan and posted on this webpage. Technical questions about this project may be emailed to To learn more about the CERCLA process, go to