Sneath Lane Trailhead Parking and Accessible Improvements

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The existing trailhead at Sneath Lane currently provides parking for approximately 14 vehicles and includes limited visitor amenities. The pavement in the parking area is in poor condition; striping is faded or missing; wheel stops are broken; current layout does not facilitate adequate circulation; and there are no accommodations for visitors with disabilities. Parking is frequently at capacity, particularly on weekends, causing congestion at the trailhead and spillover parking into the neighborhood. Further, a gate at entrance to the trail that was installed to keep motorized vehicles from entering does not allow for easy passage of bicyclist nor is it accessible.

Proposed improvements include: one accessible parking space; formalization of existing parking area to maximize vehicle capacity and facilitate circulation; new striping and wheel stops; resurfaced pavement; new pedestrian gate that will accommodate wheelchairs and space to walk bikes; new trash receptacle and relocated wayside sign.

Contact Information

Christine FitzGerald 415-561-4745