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Demolition and Removal of Nike Missile Site Structures and Utilities, Sweeney Ridge

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Purpose and Need: The buildings associated with the Nike Missile Site at Sweeney Ridge were closed in 1974 and became part of GGNRA in 1984. The structures have deteriorated over time; although the walls remain in fair condition, the roofs are collapsing and lead paint is peeling from the walls, posing a safety hazard to the public and park staff. In addition, the site has become a popular location for graffiti and dumping.
An effort was made in 2010 to stabilize the buildings, including boarding up doors and windows with plywood for public safety. Despite continued efforts by park staff to prevent entry into the buildings, the boards are repeatedly removed and the structures continue to be an attractive nuisance and safety hazard, diminishing the visitor experience at Sweeney Ridge.

Because of the safety risk these structures pose and the lack of integrity that keep them from being deemed historical, GGNRA will be removing all five structures and adjacent abandoned above ground utilities. Before work is started, hazmat testing will be required as there may be lead and asbestos to mitigate.

The structures planned for removal are:
• Standby Generator Building
• Interconnecting Corridor Building
• Hipar Building
• Readt Building
• Sentry Station
• Two water tanks.
• Antennas, wood utility poles and cables southwest of Readt Bldg.
• Trash and all loose debris within 30' radius of buildings

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