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Interim Compendium Amendment - Commercial Dog Walking Permit

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On May 27, Golden Gate National Recreation (GGNRA) Superintendent Frank Dean, in coordination with the Presidio Trust, signed into effect an interim permit requirement for commercial dog walkers on lands administered by the National Park Service in Marin and San Francisco counties. This NPS decision follows a public notice on the NPS proposal released on March 14, 2014. Comments received since the notice of proposed action was released have helped shape the final requirements, timeline and format of the application process. This interim permit requirement will remain in effect until a final special regulation addressing dog walking and commercial dog walking in GGNRA is completed, in late 2015.

Permit Details
Detailed information on permit requirements and how to apply can be found at .

Permit holders will be able to use any GGNRA and Presidio Trust (Trust) lands where dog walking is allowed. On GGNRA Marin and San Francisco lands, permit holders will continue to be able to walk dogs off leash and under voice control in areas currently open to voice control per the 1979 Pet Policy.

The annual permit cost will consist of a $75 application fee, and a $300 fee per individual dog walker, for a non-transferable badge. As an example, the annual cost for a company with one employee conducting commercial dog walking will be $375; for a company employing two dog walkers, the total annual cost will be $675. There will be a separate process and reduced cost for replacement badges. The permit costs are based on cost recovery estimates for the management and administration of the commercial dog walking program. As we are part way through 2014, the $300 badge cost will be prorated to $175. The $75 application cost will remain unchanged.

Permits issued this year will be valid until January 31, 2015. The open application period for 2015 will be the month of January, and the permit will be valid until January 31, 2016.

The Compendium Amendment, signed by the General Superintendent, will go into effect June 2, 2014, and applications will begin to be processed at that time. Application forms and instructions are available now here. It will take no longer than 30 days after receipt of completed qualifying applications for GGNRA to issue the permit.

A transition period will allow filing permit application packages and receiving the permit within 30 days after submitting a complete application packet. Applicants who submit complete application packages will be given a "reference number" as proof they have begun the process while waiting to receive the permit and badge. This "reference number" should be carried at all times when walking dogs commercially in GGNRA, after June 2, 2014, until such time as you receive your completed permit.

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