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Glacier National Park is developing a new plan for the Headquarters area at West Glacier. This administrative, maintenance, and housing area was first developed in 1917. Since that time many additions, improvements, and rehabilitation projects have been completed. A Master Plan was developed in 1942 and, while helpful, it does not address many of the issues facing the National Park Service today. Larger vehicles, more staff, and different needs, such as washing vehicles, are not addressed in that plan. The purpose of this planning effort is to address four issues: 1) identify locations within the Headquarters area that are appropriate for future development given its listing on the National Register of Historic Places, 2) select a location and design for a large vehicle washing facility, 3) identify designated parking areas to accommodate summer and winter parking needs while protecting resources, and 4) if further administrative office space is needed, identify those existing structures that would be converted. A planning team was established in January 2006 to develop recommendations for these issues and an Environmental Assessment (EA) will be prepared to analyze the potential impacts of those recommendations.