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The National Park Service Alaska Regional Office prepared a programmatic environmental assessment (EA) to evaluate alternatives for managing exotic plants in all sixteen Alaska National Park units. Based on substantive public comments on the EA presented in September and October of 2008 and new information since that time, the NPS revised the subject EA. The NPS seeks comments on changes in the EA, which are summarized in an attached document with the title "Changes in the Invasive Plant Management Plan, NPS Alaska Region."

The purpose of the actions considered in the EA is to manage exotic plants in such a way as to prevent adverse impacts to park resources and values while minimizing adverse impacts of the management efforts themselves.

Exotic plant species are those considered to be introduced by humans to locations outside of their native ranges, which are determined in Alaska by region of the state. Invasive plants are a subset of these species that move into natural areas and harm the economy, environment, or human health. Because it is not always clear which exotic plants will become invasive in new environments, any exotic plant that can establish and persist in Alaska parklands will be addressed by the EA.

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