National D-Day Memorial Special Resourse Study Public Scoping Meeting
Date Start Time End Time Location
Jan 18, 2011 7:00 PM 9:00 PM Bedford Elementary School
806 Tiger Trail
Bedford, Virginia

The National Park Service (NPS) will hold a public meeting to discuss a Special Resource Study/Environmental Assessment for the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for citizens to learn about and comment on the study and hear about the criteria used by the National Park Service to determine eligibility for establishment of a potential unit of the National Park System. The NPS will also present information about the preparation and release of an Environmental Assessment and how the public may participate in and comment on the study.

Meeting Directions/Instructions:
The meeting is open to everyone and will take place in the Bedford Elementary School, 806 Tiger Trail, Bedford, Virginia.