Oregon Inlet Marina Improvements Site Plan and Environmental Assessment

Oregon Inlet Marina (also known as Oregon Inlet Fishing Center or OIFC) is a commercial charter fishing marina located within Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Seashore).

In coordination with OIFC, the NPS has prepared this Site Plan and Environmental Assessment (EA) in order to evaluate strategies for the lessee to replace vulnerable structures and to conduct site improvements at the marina. This project is focused on replacing existing buildings, improving safety and pedestrian/vehicle circulation at the site, and conducting additional site improvements to support the replacement buildings and to modernize the marina premises (project area).

This EA evaluates two alternatives: the (A) no-action alternative and (B) the proposed action/preferred alternative. This EA analyzes the potential impacts these alternatives would have on the natural, cultural, historic, and human environment within the project area. In accordance with the terms of the marina lease, and with NPS approval and oversight, the lessee would be responsible for the actions described in this EA under either alternative.

The no-action alternative would continue current management of the marina, including maintenance of the structures and premises in accordance with the terms of the lease. While the marina is currently operating, the NPS and lessee have determined that, due to its poor condition and vulnerability to sea level rise and storm surge, routine maintenance of the existing main marina building will not be sufficient to enable continued operation of the marina through the term of the current lease (until 2038) or beyond. Therefore, the no-action alternative would involve repairing the main marina building, including raising the retail section to comply with local and Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) guidance. This alternative would also include maintenance dredging of the existing marina basin in order to enable continued use of the marina during the term of the lease. This alternative would leave all other site elements as they are today, with only general maintenance of buildings and grounds, performed by the lessee, on an as-needed basis.

The proposed action/preferred alternative would include demolishing and replacing and elevating all the existing marina buildings within the project area and conducting other site improvements, including: formalizing informal parking areas and adding a driveway for air pump stations; upgrading the fuel system with in-slip fueling, a new transient fuel dock (including associated dredging) and placing the vehicle fuel area in a new location with a new driveway that improves connectivity and flow to the adjacent boat ramp parking area; adding pedestrian paths and boardwalks; maintenance dredging of the existing marina basin; formalizing stormwater management infrastructure to handle runoff from impervious surfaces; and adding a new wastewater pump station and drainfield.

After a careful analysis of the impacts the implementation of the proposed project would have on the project area and after consultation with the appropriate local, state and federal agencies, the EA discloses that the proposed project/preferred alternative would have little to no adverse impact on floodplains, visitor use and experience, marine mammals and sea turtles.

This EA is available for public and agency review for 30 days beginning March 5, 2021. If you wish to comment, please provide comments by clicking on the Comment Now box. You may also provide comments by sending them to the address to 1401 National Park Drive, Manteo, NC 27954

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