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Final General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement - February 2008

The planning process to update the General Management Plan for Pipestone National Monument began in September 2000. Public involvement throughout the process has been critical in helping the planning team identify issues and concerns to be addressed, develop a set of preliminary alternatives, and select a preferred alternative. Issues of concern addressed in the plan include sensitivity to and interpretation of American Indian practices and traditions associated with the quarries and sacred sites, inadequate facilities, and the preservation ofthe cultural and natural resources. The final approved plan establishes a direction for the future ofthe monument that will support American Indian cultural use, manage cultural and natural resources, and provide for visitor experiences in such a way that future opportunities and issues can be addressed effectively.

A draft General Management Plan was released to the public on January 28, 2007, and mailed to a total of 273 individuals, agencies, organizations, and culturally affiliated tribes. At the time of its release the preferred alternative was alternative #3; which left the visitor center and administrative functions in place and focused on the improvement of existing facilities and conditions without calling for a major change in operations.

Alternative 1 was selected as the preferred alternative. This is a change from the alternative that had been selected and published as the National Park Service's preferred alternative in the Pipestone National Monument Draft General Management Plan published in January, 2007.
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