Charles Pinckney National Historic Site New Exhibit Alternatives

This project involves removing approximately 1550 square feet of existing, but deteriorated and outdated, exhibit panels, and the planning, design, fabrication and installation of approximately 1750 square feet of new exhibits that meet current NPS, ADA, and LEED standards for quality, scope, content, sustainability and design in accordance with the recommendations of the park's Long-Range Interpretive Plan for the park's visitor center and museum which is housed in a historic structure, the Snee Farm house.

The new exhibits are to be lower-complexity, will not detract from the historic character of the house, and will be low density to highlight and avoid obscuring important architectural details. Lower complexity exhibits may include 2-D graphic panels, display cases, simple interactives and other engaging, yet lower-tech features as specified during the design process. The project calls for an additional 200 square feet of exhibit space from the existing footprint. The additional 200 square feet includes the design of an information desk and park orientation panels that better serve park employees and visitors' needs and will blend seamlessly with the new exhibit design.

In addition, the exhibits will be designed in such a way that historic design features of the house that support its character and integrity are preserved. No ceiling trim, window features/frames, chair rails, mantel pieces, etc., will be impacted by this project. The new exhibits will be designed in such a way that those features are preserved.
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