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Draft San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study

The National Park Service (NPS) prepared the Draft San Gabriel Mountains and Watershed Special Resource Study and Environmental Assessment to determine whether all or part of the study area is signifi cant, suitable, and feasible for designation as a unit of the national park system. Congress authorized this study in 2003. The study area covers approximately 700,000 acres of land in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan region, including urban communities, local and regional parks and open space, and 415,000 acres of the Angeles National Forest.
Comment Period: Closed        Oct 17, 2011 - Feb 13, 2012
Topic Questions:
1. Of the alternatives presented in the Draft San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study, which do you prefer? Please explain why.
2. Are there specific proposals or aspects of the alternatives that you feel are important to be included in the preferred alternative/recommendation for the San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study?
3. Do you have any suggestions for improving the proposed alternatives? If so, what are they?
4. Do you have any other comments related to the draft study findings or the environmental assessment?
Document Content:
Executive SummaryExecutive Summary   (794.0 KB, PDF file)
Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 1: Introduction   (391.0 KB, PDF file)
Chapter 2: Resource DescriptionChapter 2: Resource Description   (7.6 MB, PDF file)
Chapter 3: Resource SignificanceChapter 3: Resource Significance   (909.8 KB, PDF file)
Chapter 4: SuitabilityChapter 4: Suitability   (301.5 KB, PDF file)
Chapter 6: AlternativesChapter 6: Alternatives   (3.8 MB, PDF file)
Newsletter#5: Executive SummaryNewsletter#5: Executive Summary   (15.2 MB, PDF file)
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