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San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study

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The National Park Service is pleased to announce the completion of the San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study. The Secretary of the Interior transmitted the final study to Congress on April 10, 2013.

The alternative recommended to Congress is the National Park Service Director's most effective and efficient alternative for the long-term protection and public enjoyment of nationally significant resources in the San Gabriel watershed and mountains. The selected alternative is primarily a combination of management concepts from alternative A (San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area) and alternative D (San Gabriel Region National Recreation Area), as presented in the draft special resource study. The selected alternative offers what the NPS believes is the most effective and efficient means to provide the resource protection and public enjoyment opportunities that have been central to this study.

The selected alternative takes advantage of the existing National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service presence in the Los Angeles area, while directing the two agencies to expand their scope to the San Gabriel Valley, the San Gabriel Mountains and foothills, and the Puente Hills. It encourages collaborative programs and shared staffing while reducing overlap and redundancy. It also takes advantage of the newly established Service First authority, which allows the NPS and US Forest Service to work together in new ways.

Documents containing the final study recommendations are now posted under "document list." Implementation of the selected alternative would require Congressional legislation. If Congress does not pass legislation to implement the study's recommendations, then the study would simply remain as a recommendation.

Thank you for your involvement in the San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Special Resource Study.

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