Draft Dog Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement

The Draft Dog Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (Draft Plan/EIS) was open for public review and comment from January 14 to May 30, 2011; approximately 5,000 comments were received. In August, 2011, a public comment analysis will be posted on this web site and on the GGNRA web site.

The next step of the planning process is the review, analysis and incorporation of public comment. GGNRA will publish a newsletter in late Fall, 2011, that will describe any major changes to the alternatives as a result of public comment. The newsletter will also describe the following step in this process, the 2012 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for dog management, which provides a second opportunity for public comment on the proposed dog management plan for GGNRA.

Although the comment period on the Draft Plan/DEIS has closed, the document is still available below, broken out into sections to make finding information, and downloading, easier. All the sections are in a searchable PDF format.

Comment Period: Closed        Jan 14, 2011 - May 30, 2011
Document Content:
Quick Start Guide   (78.3 KB, PDF file)
Errata Sheet - February 28, 2011   (55.1 KB, PDF file)
Executive Summary   (115.6 KB, PDF file)
Table of Contents   (82.9 KB, PDF file)
Preferred Alternative   (133.6 KB, PDF file)
Summary, Contents, Chapters 1-2   (4.8 MB, PDF file)
Chapter 3   (3.1 MB, PDF file)
Chapter 4, Part I   (4.0 MB, PDF file)
Appendix A - 1979 Pet Policy   (1.9 MB, PDF file)
Appendix B - GGNRA Compendium   (5.1 MB, PDF file)
Appendix E - Guidelines for ROLAS   (480.9 KB, PDF file)
Appendix F - Special Use Permit   (22.7 KB, PDF file)
Appendix G - Law Enforcement Data   (337.0 KB, PDF file)
Appendix H - Special Status Species   (91.1 KB, PDF file)
Appendix I - Cultural Resources   (16.4 KB, PDF file)
Appendix J - Adjacent Dog Walking Areas   (101.3 KB, PDF file)
Appendix L - Agency Consultation   (5.1 MB, PDF file)
Map 1, Vicinity   (483.9 KB, PDF file)
Map 2 Stinson Beach   (1.7 MB, PDF file)
Map 3, Homestead Valley   (2.0 MB, PDF file)
Map 4, Oakwood Valley/Alta Trail   (992.1 KB, PDF file)
Map 5, Muir Beach   (1.6 MB, PDF file)
Map 6, Rodeo Beach   (924.3 KB, PDF file)
Map 7, Marin Headlands Trails   (3.6 MB, PDF file)
Map 8, Fort Baker   (1.1 MB, PDF file)
Map 9, Fort Mason   (1.9 MB, PDF file)
Map 10, Crissy Field   (972.5 KB, PDF file)
Map 11, Fort Point   (1.5 MB, PDF file)
Map 12, Baker Beach   (3.6 MB, PDF file)
Map 13, Lands End and Ft. Miley   (5.3 MB, PDF file)
Map 14, Sutro Heights   (2.1 MB, PDF file)
Map 15, Ocean Beach   (2.4 MB, PDF file)
Map 16, Fort Funston   (1.0 MB, PDF file)
Map 17, Mori Point   (1.0 MB, PDF file)
Map 18, Milagra Ridge   (2.7 MB, PDF file)
Map 19, Sweeney Ridge/Cattle Hill   (1.9 MB, PDF file)
Map 20, Pedro Point   (1.5 MB, PDF file)
Maps, Preferred Alternative all sites   (21.2 MB, PDF file)
Maps 26-27, Adjacent Dog Use Areas   (4.9 MB, PDF file)
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