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Response to Public Comments 9/2/10

We have concluded the public comment period for the project to install a temporary modular office unit at the Park Headquarters location of the National Mall and Memorial Parks at 900 Ohio Drive, SW, Washington D.C. We have considered all comments received and provide the following in response to substantive issues and concerns raised by the public:

•The categorical exclusion C.18 "Construction of minor structures, including small improved parking lots, in previously disturbed or developed areas" is an appropriate NEPA determination for this temporary structure.

•We completed the Section 106 review and public consultation using the NPS PEPC site.

•Other areas were considered for the location of the proposed temporary office unit. These were rejected as the locations would displace recreational use and were outside the development zone for park administrative headquarters identified in the approved Development Concept Plan for East Potomac Park.

•Within the existing Park Headquarters area, we selected the location that would be least visible from the river and most screened from Ohio Drive by vegetation. Historic photos show the immediate area around the building supporting a range of smaller temporary structures, roads, and little vegetation. The temporary modular office unit will be located in area where a road and other small scale structures were located previously.

•The park is working with the National Park Service National Capital Regional Office on a space needs study to determine the best long-term strategy for park and regional staff and facilities.

•The proposed temporary structure will not be an impediment to implementation of the Monumental Core Framework Plan.
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