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Rehabilitate McPherson Square

This project will:
•Remove existing deteriorated concrete sidewalks and replace with new walks. Walks will match existing walks in material, width, finish, and joint pattern. Walks will be graded to eliminate ponding of storm water at low points.
•Remove a Chinese elm from south center panel. Additional trees to be added in the northeast and northwest quadrants to maintain the "frame" of the central axis of the park. (See additional information in the Document List: "Landscape Improvements- Chinese Elm Removal.")
•Remove existing concrete bench pads (38) and replace to match new sidewalk elevations. Re-furbish and re-set existing "Washington-style" benches.
•Remove existing damaged concrete curbing and replace with new concrete curbing to match style, location, material, and joint pattern of the existing curbing and include end posts of the concrete curbing. Curbing and end posts will match existing detailing.
•Reset existing historic granite curbing to a 4" reveal to match with the concrete curb along the exterior (north, west and east sides) of the park.
•Replace existing irrigation system and add 6 additional quick couplers.
•Remove and re-set existing (7) Victor Stanley S-35 trash receptacles and install 7 additional trash receptacles to match existing.
•Remove existing post and chain and install new along exterior park edges and entrances. The interior of the park will remain unfenced to provide recreational access to the lawns.
•Remove 9 existing Washington globe lights, salvage for NPS, and install new Washington style 14N streetlight poles along the interior sidewalks in existing locations. Replace/upgrade electric system as needed.
•Aerate existing soil, add imported soil, per NPS specifications, and new sod throughout park.
•Remove existing concrete drinking fountain; salvage for NPS. Install two new handicapped accessible drinking fountains.
•Rehabilitate historic fence surrounding the statue.
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