Parkplanning and PEPC will be offline for Data Center maintenance from 7:45 PM MT on Fri., Apr. 19th to as late as 3:00 PM MT on Mon., Apr. 22nd.

The National Park Service is in the process of evaluating the condition and integrity of the Savannah National Historic Landmark (NHL) District. NPS monitors the condition of NHLs to identify those that exhibit damage or face threats to the integrity of their resources. This information enables stewards, policy makers, and the public to take action to preserve these most significant exemplars of our heritage for future generations.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Preparation of Condition and Integrity Assessment
Step 2. Public Forums to present Savannah Condition and Integrity Assessment
Step 3. Public commenting period
Step 4. Analysis of public comment
Step 5. Preparation of condition determination document
Step 6. Release of final condition determination to the public *