The National Park Service (NPS) is considering issuing right-of-way permits to Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile that would allow co-location of a wireless telecommunications facility in the Paradise area, Mount Rainier National Park, Pierce County, Washington. The NPS is required by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to consider all applications for the installation of cellular equipment on NPS lands.

The NPS is considering two alternatives: a no action alternative and an action alternative. Under the no action alternative, cellular service would not be provided at Paradise. The proposed action would include installation of supporting equipment in the east and west attics of the Paradise Visitor Center with antennas mounted on the interior of each gable end. Fiberglass panels on the exterior would replace and be colored to match the existing wood siding.

The park considered but dismissed other options that included antennas or structures that would be visible from the Paradise Historic District, Paradise Meadows, or surrounding wilderness. Dismissed options included a "cupola" positioned on the roof of the Jackson Visitor Center, installation on the interior and exterior of the historic Guide House, and a tower that would have been positioned in the Paradise lower parking area and ranging in height from 75 to 130 feet.

The park is seeking public comment on the environmental analysis. The public comment period will end July 19, 2017.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Define purpose and need/develop preliminary alternatives
Step 2. Conduct internal scoping
Step 3. Refine alternatives
Step 4. Conduct external scoping
Step 5. Review public scoping comments and identify additional issues/concerns
Step 6. Complete analysis and environmental documentation
Step 7. If an Environmental Assessment, finalize and initiate 30-day public review period
Step 8. Analysis of public comment
Step 9. Prepare final plan/decision document
Step 10. Release final plan/decision document to the public *