The planning process will examine current and potential visitor opportunities and develop long-term strategies for providing access, connecting visitors to important experiences, and managing visitor use.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Stating the park purpose and significance
Step 2. Identifying applicable laws and policies
Step 3. Establishing the purpose and need of the plan
Step 4. Identifying the fundamental resources and values of the park
Step 5. Engaging the public (Spring 2015)
Step 6. Assessing the condition of the visitor experience and park resources
Step 7. Identifying issues that the plan will address
Step 8. Developing preliminary management strategies and options
Step 9. Identifying visitor use management goals and best practices
Step 10. Conducting formal public scoping - Summer 2015
Step 11. Refining options to meet objectives and identify management strategies
Step 12. Establishing indicators for monitoring visitor experiences and resource conditions
Step 13. Changing zoning
Step 14. Identifying environmental impacts and selecting proposed action
Step 15. Prepare draft plan
Step 16. Public review of draft plan *
Step 17. Analyzing and responding to public comments
Step 18. Prepare final plan/environmental document/decision document
Step 19. Releasing final plan/decision document to the public