Study Process
A special resource study is prepared when the National Park Service is requested by Congress to study an area for possible inclusion in the national park system. In a special resource study, a proposed addition to the national park system receives a favorable recommendation from the National Park Service only if it meets all of the following criteria:
•it possesses nationally significant natural or cultural resources;
•it is a suitable addition to the system;
•it is a feasible addition to the system; and
•it requires direct NPS management, instead of alternative protection by other public agencies or the private sector.

Draft Project Schedule
2010-2011: Research on sites associated with Cesar Chavez and the farm labor movement
April-May 2011: Public start-up of the study process - newsletter, public meetings, public comments
May-June 2011: Analysis of resource significance, suitability, feasibility, and development of alternative management proposals
July-September 2011: Analysis of environmental impacts, writing and printing of draft study report
October 2011: Public review of draft study report
November 2011: Final study report