This project has changed and no longer requires an environmental assessment. Additional site investigation and site analysis conducted during project planning indicated that the desired components expressed in the original project proposal and preliminary alternatives cannot be realized at this time due to funding constraints. Consequently, the NPS will focus on what is currently economically feasible and will only address the Grant Grove restaurant.

Because the NPS is not considering a comprehensive redevelopment of the Grant Grove area at this time, an EA is no longer necessary. As opportunities arise and funding becomes available, the NPS will consider how best to achieve an overall design concept plan for concessions operations in the Grant Grove and Cedar Grove areas. At such time, public scoping and environmental compliance and planning will be reinitiated as appropriate.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Define project goals and objectives and develop purpose and need
Step 2. Conduct internal scoping with park staff to determine initial issues
Step 3. Conduct external public scoping
Step 4. Evaluate public comments and identify issues and develop alternatives
Step 5. Public Review of Draft Alternatives
Step 6. Determine economic feasbility of draft alternatives
Step 7. Reevaluate compliance pathway
Step 8. Prepare categorical exclusion
Step 9. Superintendent approval
Step 10. Public notification of decision *
Step 11. Release of concessions prospectus to public for bid
Step 12. Contract awarded and public notified

We appreciate your input on this project. Thank you for your interest in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.