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The Western Reserve Heritage Area Feasibility Study will be conducted using public meetings, one-on-one meetings, newsletters, online strategies and social media efforts.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Aug 2009 Steering Committee Meeting
Step 2. September 2009 Create map of study area, Steering Committee Meeting, Heritage Meeting
Step 3. November 2009 Leadership Meetings - Kirtland, Sandusky, Ravenna
Step 4. December 2009 Steering Committee Meeting
Step 5. January/February 2010 Public Stakeholder Meetings - 11 meetings/twice a day
Step 6. February 2010 Heritage Meeting (Resource update), Steering Committee Meeting (Review stakeholder meetings)
Step 7. April 2010 Steering Committee Meeting (resource inventory and themes)
Step 8. June/July 2010 Public Meetings - 11 meetings/twice a day
Step 9. July 2010 Complete resource inventory
Step 10. August 2010 Draft document outlining civic engagement and perception
Step 11. September 2010 Tourism officials meeting
Step 12. November, 2010 Complete first draft of study.
Step 13. December 2010 - Steering Committee Meeting
Step 14. January, 2011 Document sent out for NPS Review
Step 15. March 2011 - PEPC and Local Review of Study *
Step 16. April 2011- Final revisions - Production and Distribution of Final Document