No public meetings have been scheduled for this, the initial "scoping" phase of this project. As alternatives and an Environmental Assessment (EA) are developed, further public comment will be sought out.

We are collecting feedback from the public that will help us identify the potential impacts that could result from restoration/stabilization activities proposed for the existing two DC WASA reservoirs at Fort Stanton Park. Similarly, there may be concerns about the proposed transfer of management jurisdiction of National Park Service property to DC WASA*.

*Only one of the two DC WASA reservoirs within the existing fenced and secured Fort Stanton Park reservoir compound (approximately 22,000 square feet) was transferred from the National Park Service to the District of Columbia 1932. The second reservoir (Reservoir #2), also located within the same reservoir compound, remains National Park Service property. Part of the proposed action is to transfer management jurisdiction of the federal parkland where Fort Stanton Reservoir #2 is located, and eliminate future boundary and permitting confusion.