The Record of Decision for the Restoration of Native Species in High Elevation Aquatic Ecosystems Plan / Final Environmental Impact Statement (Restoration Plan/FEIS) for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks is now available. A limited number of printed copies are available, and versions of the document are also available on CD by calling Nancy Hendricks, environmental protection specialist, at (559) 565-3102.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Evaluate current frog restoration program and determine future goals
Step 2. Conduct internal scoping with park staff and partners
Step 3. Draft purpose and need for project
Step 4. Define potential issues and preliminary alternatives
Step 5. Conduct public scoping
Step 6. Analyze public comments
Step 7. Refine alternatives
Step 8. Identify environmental impacts and select preferred alternative
Step 9. Determine the need for an EIS
Step 10. Conduct additional public scoping
Step 11. Review public scoping comments
Step 12. Development of Conceptual Alternatives
Step 13. Refine alternatives and develop draft EIS
Step 14. Public review of draft EIS
Step 15. Analyze public comments
Step 16. Prepare a final plan and EIS
Step 17. Public release of final plan and EIS
Step 18. Prepare a Record of Decision
Step 19. Notify public of decision
Step 20. Implement selected alternative *

The Selected Action will be implemented starting in fall 2016 as new areas are slated for fish removal using physical methods; piscicide treatments at selected sites will be implemented starting no earlier than the summer of 2017.