We expect this planning process to be a three-year effort, to be completed in late fall of 2008. The following steps identify the general planning activities, general dates, and public involvement opportunities:

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Set the stage for planning: Review draft purpose and significance, determine issues and concerns. - February 14, 15, and March 2, 2006
Step 2. Develop Preliminary Alternatives: Identify a wide range of alternatives for the park’s future and assess their effects. - Spring 2006 to Winter 2006-2007
Step 3. Develop Preliminary Alternatives: Develop the management concepts into full preliminary alternatives. Consider different aspects of the preliminary alternatives before selecting or crafting a preferred alternative. - Spring 2007 to Summer 2007
Step 4. Select Preferred Alternative and Prepare Draft General Management Plan/Wilderness Study/Enviromental Impact Statement (We are at this stage): Prepare draft plan describing the management alternatives and impacts; distribute to the public. - Fall 2007 to Early Summer 2008 *
Step 5. Revise and Prepare Final General Management Plan/Wilderness Study/Environmental Impact Statement: Analyze comments, prepare responses to comments, revise draft document, distribute to the public. - Summer 2008 to Fall 2008
Step 6. Implement the approved plan: Prepare and issue Record of Decision and implement plan as funding allows. - Winter 2008-2009 and beyond