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After nearly six years of study, discussion, evaluation of public comment, and consultation with federal, state and local agencies and organizations, the National Park Service has prepared a draft general management plan for your review and comment. We are at Step 4 in the planning process.

* indicates the current step in the planning process
Step 1. Gather and Analyze Data - Spring 2002 to Spring 2003
Step 2. Develop Planning Alternatives - Fall 2002 to Spring 2003
Step 3. Prepare Draft GMP/EIS Document - Spring 2003 to Summer 2004
Step 4. Draft GMP/EIS posted on web for Public review - Summer 2008 *
Step 5. Revise and Prepare Final General Management Plan - Winter 2008
Step 6. Approve General Management Plan - Spring 2009
Step 7. Implement General Management Plan - Summer 2009