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Waterford National Historic Landmark Update Community Meeting
Date Start Time End Time Time Zone Location
Nov 14, 2018 6:30 PM 8:00 PM Waterford Old School
40222 Fairfax Street
Waterford, Virginia 20197

The Waterford Foundation hosted a community meeting where the project team introduced the community to the Waterford National Historic Landmark Update project.

Kathryn Smith, National Historic Landmarks and National Register Coordinator for
the National Park Service will manage the project, in collaboration with Professors
Catherine Morrissey and Michael Emmons with the University of Delaware's Center for Historic Architecture and Design (CHAD).

At the meeting, the team members will describe the value of having current
information on the preservation of Waterford and discuss the significance of the
Waterford National Historic Landmark to understanding our early American heritage.
The team will also explain how the project will work, so you know what to expect
and answer any questions you may have.

Meeting Directions/Instructions: