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The National Park Service has determined that the paving of a one-mile segment of Meadow Road that provides access through Grand Teton National Park to a neighboring subdivision would not have a significant impact on park resources. 

The National Park Service conducted the environmental assessment after receiving correspondence from some property owners of the Meadows subdivision seeking to understand the park's position on the potential paving of the road.

The decision to authorize the paving of the road will be made by the National Park Service if and when the property owners of the Meadows subdivision choose to proceed with the paving of the road either unanimously as individual property owners or as a single, formal entity on behalf of all property owners in the subdivision. 

The National Park Service's environmental assessment of the potential paving of Meadow Road analyzed two alternatives, 1) the road remains unpaved and 2) the road may be paved. The assessment was released for public review and comment during summer 2020.  Public comments resulted in minor changes identified in the recently completed Finding of No Significant Impact document.

Meadow Road was constructed before the establishment of the park and is located about 1.5 miles north of the Jackson Hole Airport Road.  The singular purpose of the road is to provide property owners and residents access to the subdivision which is located outside of and adjacent to the park boundary. The access route does not provide an official visitor or administrative park use or service. Private property access is authorized through the park's founding legislation.

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