Sunset along Cumberland Sound shoreline and Dungeness Dock on Cumberland Island

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We are excited to share our visitor use management plan for Cumberland Island National Seashore. You are encouraged to review the plan, which includes an environmental assessment, and join us to learn more about the plan at a virtual public meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

We have thoughtfully developed the plan to determine appropriate opportunities for visitors to use, experience, and enjoy the park while protecting the area's sensitive wildlife, ecosystems, historic buildings, cultural landscapes, and other resources. The objective of the plan is to provide park visitors, including those who have been historically disadvantaged and unable to visit, with opportunities to be inspired through personal connections with the natural wonders, special places, and important stories the park protects.

Your feedback in 2019 was instrumental in the development of the plan and helped clarify the desired conditions for the park. Many of you described the importance of the park's primitive and rustic atmosphere, quiet solitude, and wilderness character and expressed a desire to see those conditions protected. We believe this plan does that while also expanding opportunities for new visitors to explore the park in new and different ways. You can find a full summary of all the public comments by clicking "Document List" on the left.

Now, we are seeking your input once again, this time on the plan. For those of you interested in learning more about the plan and asking questions of me and my staff, please join us for a virtual public meeting on Thursday, November 17 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The link to the meeting can be found by clicking "Meeting Notices" on the left side of this screen. Closed captioning of the meeting will be available. The meeting will be recorded for later viewing.

You can find the plan by clicking "Open for Comment" on the left. Once you've reviewed the plan, you can submit comments by clicking the "Comment Now" button on the "Open for Comment" page. You should plan to submit comments by midnight on December 30, 2022.

Following the public comment period, we will analyze and thematically summarize the comments. Amendments to the plan and environmental assessment will be made as needed and, if appropriate, a Finding of No Significant Impact will be prepared to document our plan and decisions.


Gary Ingram, Superintendent

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Gary Ingram, Superintendent