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Seashore management staff held a public comment period on the Service's withdrawal of its 2016 rules along with a proposal to reissue rules on kite surfing within the boundaries of Cape Cod National Seashore for 2017. Kite surfing has become a popular activity in recent years. Concern with resource protection and public safety impacts led the National Park Service to institute partial year and location restrictions, starting in 2008. Members of the kite surfing community have objected, stating restrictions are unnecessary.

The NPS invited interested parties to submit comments and concerns about kite surfing at the Seashore, and the appropriateness of reinstating the rules, or some alternative set of rules. The 30-day public comment period extended from October 14th - November 14th, 2016.

Public comments were reviewed by Seashore staff and evaluated against NPS laws, policies and management goals. A new determination was made by the Superintendent regarding the rules for kite surfing within the Seashore, based on the totality of the information available. This determination and any changes to the prior restrictions will be announced through this Planning, Environment and Public Comment website and via press release prior to the 2017 summer season.

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George E. Price, Jr., Superintendent