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Visitor Access & Circulation Plan

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The National Park Service is initiating a planning process to explore strategies for improving visitor experiences, access, and safety at Antietam National Battlefield through the development of a Visitor Access and Circulation Plan. In 1992 Antietam National Battlefield approved a General Management Plan (GMP) to guide the management and planning for the future of the park. Since that time many of the objectives outlined in the GMP have been accomplished, new lands have been added to the park, and our understanding of the battle and its legacy has grown. The Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Access and Circulation Plan now under consideration will integrate lands and resources that have been added to the park into visitor circulation patterns and experiences. It will also serve as an amendment to the GMP concerning key elements of visitor circulation including the existing visitor center area, trails, park roads, and interpretive sign systems.

The key outcome of this planning process will be a long-term visitor access and circulation plan that provides a conceptual framework for integrating recently acquired lands into the park's interpretive and visitor circulation program, while supporting the continued protection and preservation of park resources. The plan will identify site improvements that: 1) establish access to areas important to the interpretation of the battlefield and its legacy, and 2) improve visitor orientation, circulation, safety, and accessibility throughout the park.

As a part of this planning effort, the National Park Service is exploring strategies that address the key visitor experiences in certain areas of the park. Please take a moment to answer a few questions regarding visitor circulation and access to resources at Antietam National Battlefield.

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Justin Henderson
Project Manager