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Source: 2003 Women's Rights History Trail Feasibility Study

Votes for Women History Trail

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On March 30, 2009, President Obama approved H.R. 146, the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, as Public Law 111-11. Title VII, Subtitle B, Section 7111 establishes the Votes for Women History Trail Route and authorizes two five-year grant programs related to women's rights history.

Under this legislation, the Secretary, with concurrence of the agency having jurisdiction over the relevant roads, may designate a vehicular tour route, to be known as the 'Votes for Women History Trail Route', to link properties in the State [NY] that are historically and thematically associated with the struggle for women's suffrage in the United States"

To facilitate establishment of the trail and dissemination of information regarding the Trail, the Secretary shall
1) Produce and disseminate appropriate educational materials regarding the Trail, such as handbooks, maps, exhibits, signs, interpretive guides, and electronic information
2) Coordinate the management, planning, and standards of the Trail in partnership with participating properties, other Federal Agencies, and State and local governments;
3) Create and adopt an official, uniform symbol or device to mark the Trail
4) issue guidelines for the use of the symbol or device adopted under paragraph (3)

Subject to the consent of the owner of the property, the Secretary may designate as an official stop on the Trail-
1) all units and programs of the Park relating to the struggle for women's suffrage;
2) other Federal, State, local, and privately owned properties that the Secretary determines to have a verifiable connection to the struggle for women's suffrage;
3) other governmental and nongovernmental facilities and programs of an educational, commemorative, research, or interpretive nature that the Secretary determines to be directly related to the struggle for women's suffrage.

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