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Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (SETP)

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Cesar E. Chavez National Monument (CECH) is seeking your input on a Draft Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (SETP). Your participation is important to our planning process.

This Draft Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan identifies key visitor experiences at the park and the existing barriers to accessing these experiences for people with disabilities. The plan provides recommendations for how to remove barriers, including specific actions, example site plans, and anticipated time frames for implementation. The SETP resulted from the work of a National Park Service (NPS) interdisciplinary team. Site plans, photographs, and specific actions for identified park areas were developed. Associated time frames and implementation strategies were established to assist NPS park staff in scheduling and performing required actions and to document completed work. Park policies, practices, communication, and training needs were also addressed.

The goals of the plan are to:
1) document existing park barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities
2) provide an effective approach for upgrading facilities, services, and programs
3) instill a culture around creating universal access.

The evaluation identified areas where the park can improve accessibility of physical assets and facilities, as well as programming and digital resources. Moving forward, the park will use this plan as a guide to obtain funding and plan projects that will improve accessibility at CECH. All recommended actions will be subject to funding, consultation with other agencies and tribal consultation, and compliance with other federal laws, such as the National Environmental Policy Act.

Your input on the draft plan will help us as we work to ensure that CECH is more accessible to all visitors. To review the draft plan and send electronic comments, click on "Document List" or "Open for Comment" on the left banner.