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Ensuring world class experiences, a welcoming environment for all visitors, and protection of nationally significant resources is Yosemite National Park's primary and daily focus. Due to rapid growth in day-use visitation and changing use patterns, providing for and managing visitor use has been an increasingly complex issue that impacts both resources and the visitor experience.

The purpose of this plan is to evaluate how different management strategies, including reservation systems, could help meet long-term resource and visitor experience goals. This will be accomplished by engaging in a transparent civic and stakeholder engagement process to discuss and identify key issues and opportunities. The park also plans to build on lessons learned during the reservation systems from 2020-2022, while considering a range of strategies to address crowding and congestion and improve the visitor experience and resource conditions within the park.

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The planning team reviewed comments received during the civic engagement period (December 2022 to February 2023) to develop preliminary ideas to address key issues and opportunities. The planning team reviewed comments from the second round of public engagement (July 2023 to September 2023) to develop preliminary management scenarios. To review public comment reports, see posted documents.

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