A person paddles a red kayak across Manzanita Lake with a view of evergreen trees and a snow dappled mountain in the background.

Manzanita Lake Developed Area Plan

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The National Park Service is in the early stages of developing a design concept plan for the Manzanita Lake Developed Area of Lassen Volcanic National Park and is seeking public input on preliminary concepts and ideas. Public input will help inform the National Park Service of public needs, shape the development of management strategies, and assist the park in preparing for the future National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.

The plan is needed to achieve the following goals:

Improve inadequate facilities in the Manzanita Lake Developed Area, including, but not limited to, campground and associated infrastructure, utility systems, and the day use area (i.e., boat launch, picnic area, and primary Manzanita Lake Trailhead).

Restore and rehabilitate historic structures threatened by overuse and degradation, and consider adaptive reuse, where appropriate.

Enhance connectivity between features in the Manzanita Lake Developed Area, including adaptive opportunities for modernization (i.e., technological advancements).

Implement requirements identified in the park's accessibility self-evaluation and transition plan and explore opportunities to incorporate additional discretionary improvements.

Ease roadway congestion and safety concerns, and improve visitor circulation and flow.

Improve recreation and visitor areas while protecting Manzanita Lake's natural resources and habitats from increased visitor use impacts and a changing climate.

The park has developed a set of design proposals. These site-specific designs are best understood by reading the descriptions and viewing the maps in the Lassen Volcanic National Park Manzanita Lake Developed Area StoryMap at https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/56d73b3c84994e149a866e3ee28be201

Public comments are invited through September 26, 2022.

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