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Accessibility Self Evaluation and Transition Plan, Lassen Volcanic National Park 2021

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What is the Accessibility SETP?

The Accessibility Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan resulted from the work of a National Park Service (NPS) interdisciplinary team, including planning, design, and construction professionals; and interpretive, resource, visitor safety, maintenance, and accessibility specialists. The Accessibility SETP is a strategy document that contains findings from a self-evaluation process and specific actions to be taken to improve accessibility in Lassen Volcanic National Park. The narrative document includes a summary of actions and photographs by park areas. The supporting Excel workbook lists specific tasks with associated time frames and implementation strategies. The plan also addresses accessibility-specific park policies, practices, communication, and training needs.

What is the Purpose of the SETP?

The goals of the plan are to document existing park barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities; recommend an effective approach for upgrading facilities, services, activities, and programs; and instill a culture around creating universal access.

Benefits to Visitors

- As tasks identified in the SETP are completed, visitors can expect to see improvements including:

- Facilities, as well as numerous programs, services, and activities the park offers will be more universally accessible.

- Experiences such as accessing historic properties, picnicking with family and friends, and learning about the park will be enhanced.

- Visitor center exhibits, films, trail waysides, and all materials that interpret park resources to the public will be provided in formats that allow visitors with disabilities to participate.

- Park programs will be created and delivered for all visitors, including visitors with mild to severe disabilities impacting their mobility, vision, hearing, and/or cognitive abilities.

Contact Information

Michael Mcgraw