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Acoustic surveillance of bat populations in multiple Midwest parks

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In this project, we intend to conduct acoustic surveys of bat species in 13 National Park Service (hereafter NPS) properties in the Midwest and Southeast using stationary acoustic monitors. The primary objective of this study is to perform a baseline inventory of bat species in NPS properties across the Midwestern region. This will provide presence/absence data sets and be the foundation for long term monitoring of bat populations. This project will inform what species are present, where they are present, and may be the initial step towards determining whether these species need to be listed. Specific objectives of the project are: 1. Determine baseline occurrence of bat species in NPS properties during the breeding season. 2. Index bat populations on a species by species basis to monitor population trends at the refuge, landscape, and regional level using standardized protocol for acoustic detection data loggers. 3. Examine bat species occurrence based on habitat type classification.
The objective of this research is to contribute to the general understanding of baseline bat population distributions in the following National Park Service-managed protected areas in the Midwestern United States: Arkansas Post NMEM, Buffalo NR, Hot Springs NP, Pea Ridge NMP, Effigy Mounds NM, Herbert Hoover NHS, Fort Larned Scott NHS, Tallgrass Prairie NPres, George Washington Carver NM, Ozark NSR, Wilson's Creek NB, Homestead NM, Pipestone NM. This information will be shared with managers across the region and park personnel at the included research sites. This knowledge will aid in developing outreach materials for each park, and maintaining up-to-date protocols for management of bat populations across the region.

See attached research proposal for full details.

Contact Information
Kirby McCallie 870-548-2210