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Photo of Lincoln Home in 1860

Raise roadbed at intersection of 8th & Jackson to meet ADA requirements for wheelchair accessibility

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In December 2018, a LIHO employee slipped and fell, striking his head, while attempted to walk down one of the wooden ramps at the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets in front of the Lincoln home. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the Superintendent immediately ordered that all eight intersection ramps be removed. The intersection is the center of the site and direct access from the Visitor Center to the Lincoln Home and other exhibit and special event areas is through this intersection. The appearance of wooden ramps in historic photographs of the Lincoln home was taken into consideration in development of an ultimate treatment strategy. However, it was determined that wooden ramps of any configuration could not be made safe. In addition, the wooden ramps could not be made to adhere to ADA unless side rails were installed to prevent wheel chairs users and others using the ramps from falling off the sides of the ramps. It was determined that the wooden ramps are both unsafe and do not meet ADA laws and should not be returned. The solution that is considered to be the safest meets ADA laws and has the least impact in the historic scene at Eighth and Jackson is to raise the surface of the roadway at the intersection of Eighth and Jackson Streets so that it is at the same level as the walkways.

The street level at the intersection varies in elevation from six to eight inches below the level of the walkways. Additionally, the street crowns lightly upward at the center of the intersection where a manhole cover of located. Asphalt will be applied to raise the elevation of the intersection approximately six to eight inches to the level of the walkways eliminating the need for ramps of any type. The asphalt will gradually taper off from the intersection in all four street directions following ADA guidelines for rise until it meets the existing street level. The asphalt will be laid so that all existing storm drains will function. The new asphalt will be covered with the same gravel that is found in the remainder of the Eighth and Jackson Streets.

8th Street is designated Federal Highway 404 and is a city fire lane.

The intersection is directly in front of the Lincoln Home and is the view shed from the Lincoln Home and the Visitor Center. The park welcomes 10-15 visitors daily using wheelchairs, crutches, walkers or other assistive mobility devices during the busy summer season. To fully enjoy the park, they need to access the intersection and have the ability to navigate in any direction, meaning the intersection must meet ADA requirements.

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