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Install fence and gate to secure maintenance yard

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This project proposes to mitigate security and safety deficiencies found in the maintenance yard that were identified as a result of the 2014 Environmental and Safety Audit. These deficiencies included an unsecured equipment and fuel storage area within the maintenance yard of the park. This project proposes to install a fence on the south side of the maintenance office building to secure the area and install a locked gate across the entrance road. A small walk through gate will also need to be installed on the north side of the building to close the current gap between the existing fence and building.

The fence will be 100' in length, 6'8" tall and constructed of cedar planks and 2" x 4" metal support posts. There will be 16 metal support posts spaced 8' apart mounted in concrete at a depth of 24". The fence will connect to the south side of the building and extend south to the compost area that is enclosed in concrete barriers. The 4' walk through gate will be mounted to the existing fence and north side of the building. The road entrance gate will consist of two 9' swing gates on rollers that will mount directly to the existing fence and will be constructed with the same fencing materials. Metal tubing needed to close and lock the gate will be installed below grade in the middle of the entrance road.

Three large eastern red cedar trees (invasive species) and one American holly will need to be removed in order to install the fence on the south side of the building. Four large landscaping shrubs will need to be removed for the entrance gate install.

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David Evans