Replace HVAC System at Sprigg and Corneau House

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The work will involve removing one existing heating and air conditioning unit in the Sprigg House and one heating and air conditioning unit in the Corneau House. The two new heating and air conditioning units to be installed will be required to be high energy efficient 96% AFUE two stage furnaces, two high energy efficient evaporator coils of at least an 18 seer rating using 410a refrigerate, two high energy efficient condensing units of at least a 17 seer rating using 410a refrigerate and new compatible line sets. The work shall include adapting the new furnace units to the existing ductwork in each house and all electrical connections, drains, venting, etc., required to complete two full functioning systems. The work also requires the replacement and installation of new by-pass humidifiers at each house for added humidity control to protect the historic fabric of the structures. All equipment shall be new and unused, matched in size and brand to assure proper function. A energy star rating will be required for the replacement units. The controls for the new systems shall be connected to the existing direct digital controls. All equipment and sensors related to the digital controls requiring removal during the demolition of the existing HVAC units will be reinstalled to retain their original function. This project is slated to be done by a contractor.

Contact Information

Sheryle Lindley, 217-391-3229