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Install new wayfinding signs around Visitor Center and parking lot

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Based on visitor questions and comments, new directional/wayfinding signs were created to be installed around the Visitor Center and visitor parking lot. The parking lot sign is a flat sign with two posts going into the ground. The wayfinding sign is a four-sided sign designed by HFC to meet NPS sign regulations. It requires four posts to be inserted into the ground. The parking lot sign will be installed in the verge area between the public sidewalk and the street. The street is one-way so only one sign is needed. The wayfinding sign will be installed in the grassy area between the brick plaza outside the Visitor Center and the now-closed street next to the main pedestrian walkway from the parking lot to the Visitor Center. The post holes will be approximately 18" deep by 8" diameter. A small amount of Quikcrete will be added to support the signs firmly. The post holes will be in areas that have previously been heavily disturbed when the streets were repaired or widened long before the NPS held the area.

***A check for utilities in the grassy area determined that the sign could not be installed where originally proposed. It will be moved to the brick plaza approximately 15' NE of the original location. The sign will be accessible from all directions as well, which it would not have been in the originally proposed location. SMH 5/11/2017***

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Bob Trenter, 217- 391-3242