Photo of Miller House showing east and south elevations.

Reduce the Footprint of the Miller House and Restore to the Original Size of the Home

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This project is to restore the Miller House to the original 1861 size and restore the Lincoln neighborhood to the 1860's era. The exterior wood frame structure is critically important to the overall integrity of the cultural landscape. The rehabilitation efforts will include the removal of two-thirds of the Miller house restoring it to the 1860's condition. The restoration process will consist of several key improvements. The south addition of the home will be completely removed, including both the first and second floors. The removal of the south addition will correct both the south and east elevations of the home to its original plans. The west addition will be removed. The second story addition on the back half of the home will be removed. The roof will be reconstructed to match the original style of the home. The house will be re-roofed with new sheathing and cedar shingles. After the structure is stabilized it will be moved off its deteriorating foundation to allow for the foundation to be removed and rebuilt to its original size. The entire basement will be reduced to the original size. All of the basement and foundation walls will be rebuilt with laid stone. The staircase on the front of the house will be removed to make it historically correct and a new staircase will be installed to match the original location and character. The porch will be restored on the south side of the home. This project will also involve the removal of lead paint from the exterior of the home, which is currently encapsulated with vinyl siding, which hinders the 1860's appearance. We will re-use as much of the historic fabric as possible when repairing the siding.

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