Replace Lincoln Home Interior Storm Windows

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This project will consist of replacing 26 old and deteriorating interior storm windows at the Lincoln Home. These interior storm windows provide a barrier for fluctuating temperatures between inside and outside and help to stop air leakage from the windows, which contain some original framing and glass from the mid-1850s. The interior storm windows are made from UV-filtering Plexiglas, helping to reduce the amount of damaging UV rays getting to the interior. A magnetic mounting system prevents damage to original framing materials. The mounting system consists of a magnet mounted on a flexible plastic accordion pleat frame around the Plexiglas connecting to a metal L-bracket attached to the window frame using foam backed adhesive tape. The system is completely reversible while providing flexibility when the wind is blowing through the windows to allow the Plexiglas panel to bend but not blow in and cause damage to the interior of the Lincoln Home. These frames and Plexiglas were last installed in the Lincoln Home in 1993 and are losing both flexibility and UV-filtering properties due to age. These windows are invisible to the naked eye from the exterior of the house and are inconspicuous enough from the interior so as not to be a distraction to visitors.

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Sheryle Lindley, 217-391-3229