Photo showing overview of Jenkins lot.

Archeological testing in the Jenkins Lot (Block 11, Lot 5) in 2014

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This investigation is intended to test for the presence of intact subsurface features and artifacts associated with the Jenkins occupation of the lot. Test will further seek to determine the character and distribution of cultural resources within the lot. This testing is based on excavations completed in 2013, but will also provide guidance in determining whether further work would significantly advance understanding of the Jenkins occupation. Planned work will include re-opening two test units from 2013 and expanding on them. This will be accomplished using standard hand excavation techniques. In addition, 1 x 1 m test units creating a block excavation within the northwest corner of the lot will be undertaken. Research indicates that the block could extend up to 6 m from the west lot line before it would encounter deep disturbance from the construction of later residences on the lot.

Jameson Jenkins was a drayman (teamster) living just 1/2 block south from the Lincoln family. He was listed as mulatto originally from North Carolina in the census. During the 1850 slave riots in Springfield, he helped transport runaway slaves from Springfield to Bloomington, IL, about 60 miles away. The site is listed on the Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.

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